Do These Small Business Financing Scenarios Sound Familiar?

Timely financing is often a key driver for small business success. A Promontory Local CreditSM loan may offer a compelling solution for small business customers with the following needs:

Types of lending opportunities that may be a good fit for a Promontory Local Credit loan

Acquisitions/Partner Buyouts: IT & Telephony Services Firm

  • Successful regional systems integrator; large, low-churn base of small- and medium-size clients.
  • Owned by two partners—both have most of their personal wealth invested in their business.
  • One partner seeking to buy out the other with significant goodwill in the transaction.
  • Similar situations: ESOPs, professional practice transitions.

Refinancing: Steel Products Manufacturer

  • Three industry veterans bought firm from retiring owner; unable to finance full purchase price.
  • Firm secured private equity funding and owner accepted seller note (with continued salary).
  • Seeking to redeem private equity investment/seller note and strengthen post-buyout liquidity.
  • Similar situations: owner dividends, share repurchases.

Growth Opportunities: Physical Therapy Chain

  • Owners have developed business for buying solo practitioner offices and upgrading them.
  • No hard assets other than leased tables; expansion limited by earnings and personal wealth.
  • Similar situations: opening new locations, servicing new contracts, add-on acquisitions.

Ineligible Collateral: Machine Parts Distributor

  • Firm has grown revenues by 3x over the past 7 years; switched shipping from a single warehouse to using Amazon Logistics nationwide.
  • Inventory is now considered to be “out of territory,” so bank will not lend against it by policy.
  • Similar situations: specialized equipment, depreciated assets, work-in-process inventory.

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